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Free Little Women with Saoirse Ronan DVD9 USA No Sign Up

  • star=Eliza Scanlen
  • genres=Romance
  • User Rating=8,7 of 10
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Liked It=99209 vote

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How much is a Little Women first edition worth.
Little Women shows to me that I need to pay more attention to Greta Gerwig as a director. She used her direction to craft a faithful and emotional adaptation of the classic novel. Each and every performance in the film was great. Saoirse Ronan was fantastic as the lead character and Emma Watson and Timothee Chalamet do great jobs as a sister and a friend. Each character felt unique and it was interesting to watch each of them reach their lowest of lows and then reach their highest of highs. The story flows pretty smoothly although the runtime is a tad bit too long. The film is about 2 hours and 20 minutes and it really felt like it should have been just 2 hours. That’s mainly due to the film’s slow pacing. That being said though, there was something in each scene that interested me whether it was the lighting, cinematography, or performances. I also too slight issue with some stylistic choices in the beginning. There is a scene where Jo Marsh is running down the street and it changes to slow mo for 2 seconds and it felt weird. From the films from Greta Gerwig that I have seen, she loves using themes of love and relationships with our family a lot. She expertly hides these themes within her screenplay for the film. The film manages to pull off a lot of emotional weight. Certain scenes in the film are intended to be emotional and they worked great for me. Some directors probably wouldn’t have been able to pull it off but Greta Gerwig did. The cinematography, although not the best of the year, was great. Almost every shot was interesting to look out and there was always something to pay attention to. The costume and set design are fantastic. The costumes look great and authentic to the time period while the set design is warm and inviting. The musical score by Alexandre Desplat is fantastic. It feels authentic to the time period and feels unique. Overall,Little Women is a great take on family relationships with great performances, an intelligent script, fantastic musical score, and good cinematography.

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I heard such great things but I fell victim to the “liberal propaganda club” to give this movie great reviews. All you need do is look at the cast and the director. they are the who’s who of the Hollywood elite. Laura Dern, Timothy Chalamet’ who Btw looks younger than jo here. Greta Girwig did another movie that got amazing reviews “Lady Bird” but when most people saw it they thought it was one of the worst movies they ever saw. Do not buy the hype. This is not an improvement on the prior version just another, inferior, telling of this same story. Why bother.

Why do they insist on having the women’s hair down. This would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED at this period in time. No women or girls would not have their hair in a braid or in a bun.
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